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New from Farr West Leather, the Nekked Bow Case.
The Nekked Bow Case, came about while hunting elk in the mountains of Southwestern Montana. After a long day of hard hunting, the only thoughts upon returning to the truck were home, or camp, something to eat, and sleep. As a result of this, bows typically laid across packs, gear, usually ended up rattling against the window, hunting equipment, or what ever else was about. One evening while traveling down a bumpy mountain road, after turning around for the umpteenth time, to adjust where the bow was laying so it didn’t rattle on the window, my friend suggested I fix this problem!
The result, the Nekked Bow Case, this is designed to protect the tips while traveling to, from, or between hunting spots. The brightly colored cord, raises awareness of where the bow/tips are prior to closing the truck door.
Fits Longbow, Recurve, and Selfbows-Strung or Unstrung!

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